release date (philippines) 19 January 2015
Drama, Family

Oh My G!


Sophie was raised by loving parents, Paul and Tessa, who instilled in her the value of mercy, love for others, and a life of prayer. When Sophie was 10 years old, Tessa was gunned down in front of her during a hold-up.    Sophie grows up with her busy father, who tries to give her all the material things she wants. She grows up as a proud and rich teenager, attached to gadgets and social networking sites, thinking that she has everything.   But when she turns 16, her father dies in a car accident. Her sense of security is shaken; she questions God for taking away her parents.  Sophie never expected that an answer will soon be given to her—by God himself. God starts connecting with her—first, through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sophie continues to ignore God’s signs, until she loses all her material possessions.
Lost, alone, and penniless, Sophie calls to God by saying “Oh My G! Help me and I will do anything you say!” God then appears to Sophie in human form.  Instead of giving back her material wealth, God sends Sophie on a mission—to find ANNE REYES. Sophie remembers that her father uttered the same request before he died. So, with reluctance, Sophie decides to obey God—thinking that maybe, just maybe, by obeying God, she will be rewarded by getting back all the things she lost.   With the help of her long time tutor MRS. ROSE LUNA and her son, GABBY, Sophie looks for Anne Reyes. God also helps her by giving her clues in exchange of tasks, often dealing with different teenage issues. Through these tasks, Sophie eventually learns three important values— LOVE OF NEIGHBOR, HUMILITY, AND DETACHMENT.