release date (philippines) 10 August 2015
Comedy, Romance

On The Wings of Love


Clark and Leah both pursue the great American dream though under different circumstances.

Eleven years ago, Clark went to San Francisco only to be rejected by his American father. His Filipina mother dies shortly and what follows is a life of misfortune and mounting debts. Despite this, Clark perseveres and works hard for the sake of his siblings back in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, when Leah was 12 years old, her mother went to the USA to earn dollars for her family but dies tragically in an accident. Ten years after, Lea gets her shot to fulfill her mother’s dream when she is granted a US Visa to compete in a choir competition in San Francisco. After the contest, Lea decides to extend her stay to find her mother’s grave, as well as a way to work legally in the US.

Weeks pass but Leah fails to trace her mother’s remains. Her work options remain elusive and worst, her U.S. visa is about to expire. Out of desperation and upon the urging of Jack, the mother of her ex-boyfriend Jigs, Leah agrees to pay for a fixed marriage with an American citizen to legalize her stay.

Leah’s limited resources make it hard for Jack to find her a partner. But then, somebody perfect comes to Jack’s mind, her nephew who is in trouble with a loan shark…Clark.

Clark and Leah hate each other as both have met previously under awkward circumstances. But with Jack’s intervention, they agree to get married as a way out of their problems. Both promise Jack they will not fall for each other for the sake of Jigs who is still in love with Leah.

The pair struggle with their charade but later on, true feelings of love develop between them. But this means breaking their promise to Jack --- a promise that if broken, threatens both their status in the U.S. and their dreams for their families.


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