release date (philippines) 27 April 2009

Only You


An interwoven story about two young women and their fight for acceptance, love and justice, a tale that chronicles their search for each other and the true loves of their lives- a story that can happen to anyone.
Nea and Jasmine are two long-lost sisters separated when Nea's father, Larry abandoned her and her mother Elena to live with the wealthy Yolanda. Many years after their traumatic separation, Nea and Jasmine crossed paths again. Raised and educated in different circumstances, Jasmine grew up to be shy while Nea became the independent young woman.
As they start their lives together, as they fulfill their individual dreams, as they look for the one true love that they deserve, they find the Ynares brothers, Oliver and Ivan. Oliver who is carefree and unruly, and Ivan who is career-driven and intelligent but with a dark secret that is meant to destroy the life he has carefully built and a family that he has long protected.
But in the most unexpected ways and in the most intersting time, their imperfect lives will take a sudden twist that will either destory or build their lives forever.