release date (philippines) 31 May 2015
Romance, Drama

Pasion De Amor


Juan, Oscar and Franco Samonte will do everything to provide a loving, comfortable life for their youngest and only sister Lyvia. When Lyvia is brutally raped and murdered, the brothers will stop at nothing to seek justice for her death.

They will infiltrate the household of the Elizondos, the family they suspect is responsible for what happened to Lyvia. There they will meet Gabriela, the powerful matriach, and Norma, Sari and Jamie, her beautiful daughters who have unwittingly captured their interests.

The more the Samonte brothers spend tme with the Elizondos, the more they become sure of Gabriela's guilt. But her daughters stand in the way, as they will protect their family and their mother no matter what. The brothers must think of a way to get closer to the truth by capturing the hearts of Norma, Sari, and Jaime.

However, the closer they get to the sisters, the more they realize they are hopelessly falling in love with their respective targets.

This Filipino adaptation of the world-renowned telenovela sizzles with the fervor of romance and retribution. 


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