release date (philippines) 07 July 2014
Drama, Fantasy

Pure Love


In this Filipino re-telling of the popular Korean drama “49 Days”, we first meet Diane whose life is storybookperfect. She is the apple of her parents’ eyes, adored by her two best friends and is engaged to be married to an almost perfect gentleman. 
In another part of the city, Ysabel lives a life in total contrast. After her night shift, she goes home to her
rundown apartment at daylight where she lives alone, and sleeps until it is dark again. She has no family nor friends, and in the hours between work and sleep, she frequently contemplates suicide.

One fateful day, their lives become entangled when Ysabel finally decides to end her life by walking towards
an oncoming truck on the road. A stranger saves her life by pulling her to the side but her action causes
Diane’s car to crash into the car in front of it.

When Diane regains consciousness, she finds out that her physical body is now in coma and she is now a
wandering soul. She soon meets The Scheduler, a spirit assigned to guide souls of dead people to their final
destination. He explains to her that although she is brain-dead, it is not yet her time to die and is thus given
the chance to resume her life.

That is, after completing a mission within 49 days, which will require her to take over
Ysabel’s physical body while she sleeps.


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