release date (philippines) 08 April 2013
Romance, Action

Raging Blood


Why would one man exact revenge against his own family?
A farm worker named Simon Bernabe suffers cruelty from his employers, the De Lara family and thus, he pursues a lifetime search for vengeance against them.
Meanwhile, a young De Lara couple, Enrique and Isabel, have their firstborn which they name Gabriel. Their son is left to the care of their servant, Isabel, who unknown to them, has close ties with Simon.  In a fit of rage, Simon sets fire to the De Lara home.  The baby, Gabriel, is left behind while the house burned. The De Laras thought they had lost their son, though his body was never recovered after the fire.
It turns out that Isabel took Gabriel and saved him from burning. She, along with Simon, raise the child as their own and rename him Victor.  Simon implants his hatred of the De Laras upon Victor and  prepares his ultimate weapon against the De Laras --- their own flesh and blood


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