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release date (philippines) 11 February 2013
Romance, Suspense

Raging Love


In desparation, Serena gets involved in trafficking drugs and unintentionally commits murder to produce the money needed for Ruben's operation. Serena must now spend life on the run, away from the man she loves.
Her chance for redemption presents itself when government agents offer to obliterate her criminal record if she would be an asset for them. She is to assume the identity of Rebecca, her deadringer and a known socialite engaged to a suspected smuggling lord, Anton. Rebecca disappeared after figuring in a sex scandal- an opportunity for Serena to fill her shoes so she can gather evidence that will finally nail Anton.
Fueled by the thought of reuniting with Ruben and the possibility that her deadringer may lead her to the family that she thought she had lost, Serena accepts the offer and thus, enters the dangerous world of Rebecca.