release date (philippines) 28 January 2008
Action, Fantasy

She Wolf: The Last Sentinel


Lyka and Noah form a bond as children only to lose each other as they grow up.  They meet again as strangers finding an unexpected connection in the world of fashion.  Lyka is the personal assistant of renowned designer, Lady Elle.  Conversely, Noah is hired as Lady Elle’s personal bodyguard, but he is really an undercover operative by the military to spy on the company.

Lyka and Noah eventually fall for each other only to find their love tested beyond compare when the truths of their destinies are revealed.  It turns out Lyka belongs to a rare breed of wolves and is slated to experience her transformation on her 21st birthday.  This will also signify the fulfillment of her destiny to be the last sentinel and savior of her race.  Quite the opposite, Noah is forced to join Luna – an organization dedicated to the eradication of wolves.

Will Lyka and Noah remain true to their love in the face of the secrets, betrayals and violence surrounding them?  Up to how long will they be able to defy and challenge the very fates that conspire to tear them apart?