release date (philippines) 12 February 2018
Drama, Family

The Blood Sisters


Many years ago, a wealthy couple, Debbie and Norman Almeda, enlisted their housekeeper Adele to carry their baby through in-vitro fertilization – but the process ended with a miscarriage.

To spare his wife from heartbreak, Norman seduced Adele to get her pregnant again; she secretly gave birth to triplets, with Debbie none the wiser about the failed surrogacy.

To make matters worse, Norman's plot to reclaim one – unaware that there were three, causes the triplets to grow up separated and lead very different lives.

Carrie, the child Norman took, is a reputable doctor focused on her practice. Agatha, the one left with Adele, has lofty ambitions and a penchant for get-rich-quick schemes. While Erika, the one abandoned, is an exotic dancer with a heart of gold.

But their lives soon collide when a syndicate goes after Erika for witnessing a murder, and mistakes Carrie for her. In addition, Agatha makes her presence known after she learns the truth of the past from Adele. Left to deal with scandals from all sides, the Almedas tackle things one sister at a time – all while hiding the dark secret behind their family’s success.


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