release date (philippines) 12 February 2018
Drama, Family

The Blood Sisters


Many years ago, a wealthy couple, Debbie and Norman Almeda, enlisted their housekeeper Adele to carry their baby through in-vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, the deal fell through when Adele miscarried.

Devastated and desperate, Norman seduced Adele and got her pregnant again. This, without Debbie knowing about the failed surrogacy. Adele's guilt about the charade caused her to flee from her employers.

Eventually, Adele gave birth to triplets; sisters who were soon separated from each other because of Norman's plot to abduct one --- unaware that there were three.

Years later, the triplets lead very different lives. Carrie, the child Norman took, is a successful doctor. Agatha, the one left with Adele, grows up rebellious and spoiled. But Erika, who had to survive on her own, lives a harsh life as an exotic dancer targeted by a syndicate after she witnesses a murder.

When a case of mistaken identity leads to a fated reunion, what future awaits the siblings who never got the chance to be a family?


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