release date (philippines) 24 January 2022
Drama, Family

The Broken Marriage Vow


A seemingly perfect family is shattered by broken trust and infidelity.

Dr. Jill Illustre's (Jodi Sta. Maria) life unravels when she discovers her husband, David (Zanjoe Marudo), is having an affair. His mistress, Lexy Lucero (Sue Ramirez), is the daughter of one of her patients, and whose father is a major backer of her architect husband's housing development project in Baguio, a beautiful mountain city in the Philippines’ northern island of Luzon.

Baguio is a small resort city where everyone knows everyone, and secrets are hard to hide. Jill is incensed when she learns that all of their mutual friends and colleagues are aware of David’s indiscretions and are keeping them from her. Jill sees photos of David and Lexy as a couple socializing with their friends. Her anger reaches a tipping point when she discovers that Lexy is pregnant.

A chain of events follows resulting in catastrophic effects in the lives of the couple, their son Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla), and everyone else involved.


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