release date (philippines) 04 September 2015
Drama, Family

The Greatest Love


Gloria Alegre is a cheerful woman whose only dream is to start a family with her beloved Peter. But family responsibilities force them to sacrifice their love and time together for a chance at a better life.
Lurking in the shadows is Andres—another man who has eyes on Gloria. When Peter leaves town to work abroad, the scheming Andres takes advantage of the situation and Gloria, resulting in her unwanted pregnancy and an eventual shotgun wedding.
Years pass, and Gloria finds joy and fulfillment in her role as a mother after starting a family with Andres. But the bods between them start falling apart with the revelation of a long-kept secret involving one of her four children.
As Gloria struggles to keep her family together, the situation worsens when she starts showing signs of dementia. Will Gloria be able to reunite her broken family before her memories of them completely disappear?