release date (philippines) 08 October 2018
Drama, Family

The Heiress


Following the demise of their once solid relationship, former lovers Romina and Carlos end up marrying different partners who bring them from rags to riches all while triggering a complicated situation.
Romina marries Robert Mondragon, a widowed business tycoon, while Carlos marries Daniela – Robert’s daughter from his previous marriage.
Soon, both their unions result in two additions to the Mondragon line. Romina gives birth to Cassie, who was conceived from sexual abuse but later becomes Robert’s adoptive daughter. As for Daniela, she gives birth to Marga, who mirrors her mother in every sense of the word.
However, as the Mondragons navigate through life, painful secrets from the past lie waiting to be revealed. An intense dispute soon forms between the women of the family with Romina clashing with Daniela, and Cassie clashing with Marga.
Eventually, the Mondragon ladies find themselves struggling to claim the titles of the true heiress and matriarch of the Mondragon bloodline.


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