release date (philippines) 27 January 2014
Romance, Family

The Legal Wife


At the age of ten, Monica found out that the man she knew and called “father” was merely her mother's lover. Years ago, with the infant Monica in tow, it turned out that her mother ran away from her miserable marriage, left her two brothers with her biological father and sought a happier life with the man she truly loves. Circumstances force Monica and her mother to go back to their true family.  But ironically, it was a family to which Monica never felt she ever belonged in. She grew up always trying to prove herself and longing for acceptance, especially from her father who never truly knew her. Monica later realizes her real worth when she meets Adrian. Despite her father and eldest brother’s disapproval of Adrian, Monica still elopes with him and marries him.
The only person who truly understood Monica is her best friend, Nicole. She had always supported Monica’s decision to follow her heart. Pressures from all fronts continue to hound Monica and Adrian and their marriage is further challenged when her husband and best friend  get too close for comfort and have an affair.  How far will Monica go to fight for her right and claim the man who is  rightfully hers? 


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