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release date (philippines) 08 July 2002
Drama, Family

The Long Wait


A Twisting duo. A mother’s search for her long-lost son.


A tale of twin sisters who travel different paths to survive in a cruel world. Red Butterfly, the mistress of a powerful and influential drug lord Henri Argos and Lorrea, the timid and naïve falls prey to Francis Ventaspejo. This dim chapter in Lorrea’s life turns into a joy as she gives birth to Andre, also known as Yuri.


Their blissful days end with the betrayal of those to Lorrea. From then on, Lorrea’s life turns into a perennial search for her estranged Yuri. Her quest to find the boy hurls her into Lorrinda’s dangerous world where she also finds her true love amidst the grim realities of a criminal life.


Her involvement in her sister’s frenzied affairs leads her in a deadly battle against two treacherous sisters who are set to destroy Red Butterfly and the people she loves.


Will Lorrea and Yuri be reunited in the end?