release date (philippines) 17 November 2014
Drama, Family

The Newbie


Drew is a typical 14-year old boy. As a teenager, he is impulsive and makes immature decisions. However, he has a loving family trying to guide him.
Drew's life will suddenly change when he gets an older girl, Vanessa, pregnant. And worse, she leave their baby behind for him to take care of. He is now forced into fatherhood which scandalizes his school and community. His family struggles financially as there is another mouth to feed.
But Drew grew to love his child despite sacrificing much of his youth to become a responsible father. Until one fateful day, Vanessa comes back to get her son back, revealing that Drew is not the baby's real father.
While many believe that Drew's life was ruined, his journey will turn him into a mature person. In the end, he gains the admiration of his family and the people around them.