release date (philippines) 25 May 2015
Romance, Drama

The Promise (Pangako Sa'yo 2015)


"THE PROMISE" is the modern re-telling of the 2001 Filipino top-rating drama which reaped global success in 16 other countries. Banking on the strength of its original lead characters and engaging plot, but adapted to a current setting and with enhanced production values, this 2015 remake is once again set to capture the imagination of worldwide audiences.


Young lovers Angelo Buenavista and Yna Macaspac are at the heart of "THE PROMISE".

Angelo, the rebellious son of a powerful politician, falls in love with Yna, a simple but beautiful adopted daughter of a retired policeman. Unknown to them, their love story is destined to repeat history. 

Twenty years ago, Angelo’s father, Eduardo Buenavista, also fell in love with an innocent but headstrong barrio lass named Amor --- a relationship doomed from the start. 

Doña Benita, Eduardo’s mother, despised Amor, as she impeded her plans of marrying off her son to Claudia, the illegitimate daughter of the illustrious Governor Zalameda. The arranged marriage will save their family business, and she must do everything to ensure this outcome. 

Thus, despite their struggle to fight for their love, Eduardo and Amor eventually succumb to the pressures and machinations of Doña Benita. Eduardo is made to believe that Amor betrayed him. When Amor tells him she is pregnant with his child, he refuses to believe her. He sends her off and marries Claudia Zalameda. Worse, it turns out years later that Eduardo was responsible for a tragedy that kills Amor’s family and her child, Maria Amor.

Tested by fate and hardened by suffering, Amor vows to return and destroy the lives of those who caused her tragic loss. 

Twenty years later, her day of reckoning comes. She crosses paths with Eduardo and Claudia, and their son, Angelo, whom Amor sees will play the biggest role in her revenge. 

Destroying Angelo means crossing Yna, his inamorata. And by crossing Yna Macaspac, Amor will be unwittingly led to the greatest tragedy of her life --- greater than what has befallen her in the past.


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