release date (philippines) 19 May 2003
Romance, Drama



Falling victim to a freak accident on a ship sailing, Christian and Ara get trapped in an isolated island and fell in love. Reality stepped in when they were rescued and had to go back to their own loves. She felt the difference in their social status. Despite all odds, he promised his eternal love for Ara, unaware of her family’s involvement in his painful past.


Upon discovering the truth, Christian was driven with anger, which made Ara and her family decide to escape his revenge. This tragic journey leads Ara to meet a rich and carefree painter, Leo. She learned to bury things as they are. Leo’s unconditional love helped her to start anew. Christian, on the other hand, finds comfort with kindhearted Mary Ann, an amusing friend who slowly wins Christian’s trust and affection.


When romance seems perfect for estranged lovers, fate stepped in and brought Christian back into Ara’s life. Ara must now confront her unfinished business with Christian.


What lies beneath their intertwined past? Will Christian and Ara’s romance bind together again?