release date (philippines) 16 June 2014
Romance, Drama

Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon)


Rose, heir to one of the country’s biggest chocolate manufacturers, is intelligent and wealthy but saddled by her lack of beauty and confidence. Along came Patrick, a poor but talented chocolatier, who sweeps her off her feet. She believes the handsome Patrick is the one great love she has been waiting for. 

Unknown to Rose, her stepsister, Sasha, is orchestrating the entire thing in her desire to take over the family’s chocolate business. Sasha sent Patrick to court and distract Rose from work and put her out of the running as president of the company. 

However, as Patrick got to know Rose, he sincerely falls in love with her and they marry despite the disapproval of Rose’s father.

Rose's life suddenly changes when her father is killed and she gets convicted for the crime. She hires the beautiful and brilliant Emmanuelle as her lawyer. Their personalities are a study in contrast but if one looks closely, Rose and Emanuelle have an apparent physical resemblance.

While in prison, Rose learns of the scheme hatched by Sasha and Patrick. 

On the night that Emmanuelle tells Rose about key evidence that could set her free, they both get in a car which suddenly explodes. Rose wakes up in the hospital, badly burned and surrounded by Emmanuelle’s family. Everybody believes that she died in the explosion and that Emmanuelle is the one who survived.

Rose assumes Emmanuelle’s identity and sets out to regain the company that was taken from her and to seek justice for her father, Emmanuelle and herself. But more than anything, she vows revenge on the person who betrayed her the most- the love of her life, Patrick.

Will Rose's thirst for revenge overpower her true love for Patrick or will it be the other way around?


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