release date (philippines) 18 January 2015
Romance, Family

Waiting For Love


Cecilia grew up believing in the magic of love and butterflies, but her own father’s betrayal destroyed her enchanted outlook in life. Until she meets Leandro, who promises her boundless love. However, Leandro cannot keep his promises and soon betrays her with another woman. Shunning him from her life, Cecilia raises their two daughters, Corrine and Bea, all by herself. 

Eight years later, Leandro reappears in her life because of Corrine, who never stopped looking for her father. He now lives a luxurious life with the wealthy and generous Toni, but is ready to take on his role as father to his daughters, whose needs have expanded beyond Cecilia’s financial capability.
Cecilia is not ready to forgive her husband, nor their daughter who brought him back into their lives. Her bitterness soon drives people she loves most to abandon her.  


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