release date (philippines) 10 September 2020
Drama, Suspense

Wildflower Season 1


Following a brutal attack on both her parents for challenging a powerful and corrupt political family known as the Ardientes, a young girl named Lily is left alone to fend for herself. However, she is happened upon and taken in by a fearless lady who adopts and renames her “Ivy”.

Molded into a woman with skills as sharp as she is beautiful, Ivy returns to her old home years later… hungry for justice. With a master plan to bring the Ardientes to their knees, she has to deal with three specific people: Arnaldo - their apparent heir, his mother Emilia, and her father, the devious patriarch, Julio.

The plan is stalled somewhat though, when she reunites with the black sheep of that family, Diego – her former childhood friend who is nothing like his power-hungry kin. Diego himself doesn’t realize who she is but is drawn to her, putting him at odds with his half-brother Arnaldo.

But as Ivy enters a world of liars and backstabbers, compiling evidence against them will not be an easy task. When loyalties shift in a second, and evil hides behind a smile, Ivy will need all the help she can get from reliable allies and thrive like a wildflower in order to survive.


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