release date (philippines) 08 November 2015
Drama, Family

You're My Home


We follow the story of Gabriel Fontanilla, a government lawyer, his wife Marian, a simple housewife, and their children Grace, Rahm and Vince.

Gabriel is thrust into the limelight when he handled a case against Christian Vergara, the son of a senator. His family's life takes a spin when he is hired by a prestigious private law firm. They enter a new world where Gabriel needs to bend his principles, Marian's time is torn between her children and her husband's social functions, and where Grace is looked down upon by her more affluent classmates.

With this, Grace starts to rebel, and by some unfortunate circumstance, her youngest sibling Vince is lost during her watch. Days pass untile Christian Vergara is pointed as the culprit behind the kidnapping of Vince. But Marian blames someone else for losing her son- her own husband Gabriel and his grand ambition.

This crisis leads to the separation of Gabriel and Marian. Twelve years later, Gabriel is now running for public office and engaged to be married to another woman. Meanwhile, Marian makes it on her own as a successful businesswoman. Then Grace meets Ken, and all signs point to the fact that he might be Vince. Right away, Marian knows she has found her missing son. 

With Vince resurfacing, will this be enough reason to reunite Gabriel and Marian's broken family?