5 most suspenseful moments in iWant's "High"

January 18, 2019 AT 07:05 PM

5 most suspenseful moments in iWant's "High"

iWant’s original action-suspense series “High” combines the right ingredients for a perfect Pinoy action-suspense story.

Viewers who are suckers for any story that uses crime to give them their adrenaline fix don’t have to look further as iWant’s original action-suspense series “High” combines the right ingredients for a perfect Pinoy action-suspense story. It already has had viewers stressed out since it was released this month, and will continue to add more mind-blogging twists as it streams its last two episodes this Saturday (January 19).
The digital series revolves around Miguel (Markus Paterson), a young man who joins the online game “Wanna Get High” to find his lost sister Gabby (Ria Atayde). As part of the game, he faces several challenges that he needs to accomplish to ultimately save his sister and his own life.

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Before we finally discover the mastermind behind the cunning online game, we listed down some of the most gripping moments in the series that had us on the edge of our seats (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!):
  1.     Hijacking a train
Things got really serious for Miguel when he was tasked to hijack a train and threaten to kill everyone on board. He ended the stunt by jumping off the train and running away from the police. The incident made major headlines and further put Miguel’s safety at risk.
  1.     Miguel nearly falls to his death
Unaware of who or what he is up against, Miguel braved his first challenge of walking on the ledge of a rooftop. But his eagerness quickly faded when his foot accidentally slipped, leaving him hanging on the edge of the building. Miraculously, his friend Mariel (Sammie Rimando) managed to pull him up and help him accomplish the challenge.
  1.     Breaking into his sister’s best friend’s room… and getting busted
It will always be nerve-wracking to watch someone evade getting busted, especially when they’re looking for important clues --- and this happened to Miguel. Desperate to rescue his sister, Miguel broke into the room of his sister’s best friend Sam to know if Gabby is really in Paris with him. But he was unfortunately caught by Sam’s parents, who called the authorities and sent him to jail.
  1.     The intense collision with a speeding motorcycle 

What’s the fastest and most effective way of stopping your enemies who are riding a motorcycle? Well, for Miguel, it’s colliding with them --- with your own bare body. A riding-in-tandem snatched a bag from Miguel containing thousands of pesos in cash, which almost had him screw up his challenge. But he managed to chase down the thieves only by himself and finished the mission.
  1.     Playing the Russian roulette

They say life is a gamble, but the cliché becomes mortifying when you have to sacrifice your own life to play the Russian roulette, which Miguel was forced to do with police officer Angela Gamboa, who was also involved in his sister’s case. The game was simple --- they had to point a revolver gun loaded with only one bullet to their heads and pull the trigger. They were both lucky to have not died in their own hands, but an unknown man unexpectedly shot Angela, which led to her instant death.
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