Keeping the family together in ABS-CBN teleseryes

July 12, 2019 AT 06:33 PM

Keeping the family together in ABS-CBN teleseryes

A good bonding moment would be watching Kapamilya teleseryes, where our favorite characters have proven to be symbols of sacrifice and devotion we can all strive to be.

After a tiring day at school or a hassle commute from work, we always look forward to coming home and being welcomed by our families. Just sharing even short moments with our loved ones takes all the stress away and gives us a break from our hectic lives. A good bonding moment would be watching Kapamilya teleseryes, where our favorite characters have proven to be symbols of sacrifice and devotion we can all strive to be.
After all, before we even had our own barkadas, there were our families, who were the first people to show us what love is and should be.
From stories of parents tirelessly searching for their child or resolving conflicts in the household, here are some of our favorite Kapamilya teleseryes that show a truly Filipino value: strong family ties and commitment to keeping the family intact. Check them out here:

“The General’s Daughter”

In teleseryes, we are often exposed to stories where a parent and a child are separated and eventually become acquainted with each other, only for them to find out later on that they are each other’s long-lost loved ones! Such is the case of Corazon and Marcial (Eula Valdez and Albert Martinez), who probably has the most tragic parent-child story on primetime TV right now. Their biological daughter Arabella (Angel Locsin) was taken away from them and was trained as a military spy by their mortal enemy Tiago (Tirso Cruz III), just so their own daughter could kill them. Through the years, though, Corazon and Marcial never lost hope that their daughter would still be alive. And when they finally found her, they have constantly showered her with love and support, even if Marcial’s position in the military could be compromised.


“Kadenang Ginto”

Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) is a definition of strength. With Daniela (Dimples Romana) as her rival, she has gone to great lengths to protect her family, especially her daughter Cassie (Francine Diaz), from the wrath of her stepdaughter. Romina survived the trauma from getting raped, the death of her husband, her home being engulfed by fire, and most recently, almost losing Cassie after an accident — and all these did not make Romina flinch. Daniela can take away everything – their mansion and their wealth – from Romina, who is still on her feet, doing everything to make sure Daniela will not get her most prized possession: her family. That doesn’t mean Daniela’s maternal instincts are off, though. Since Marga’s (Andrea Brillantes) suicide attempt, Daniela has made significant efforts to attend to her daughter’s needs and defends Marga whenever she gets entangled in any trouble. We may not agree with Daniela’s means all the time, but she is a fighting mom too, and always stands up for her family.


“Sino Ang Maysala?: Mea Culpa”

The internet is divided on whose side they are on in this crime-drama, where two moms are fighting for one child. One is the biological mother, Fina (Jodi Sta. Maria), who has been searching for her daughter since she lost the baby to a child trafficker, while the adoptive mother is a lawyer, Juris (Bela Padilla), who does everything in her power to hide the truth about Leyna from Fina. Both women have had to suffer from their own traumas just to keep their respective families together. Fina has been searching for her lost baby for five years, recently lost her mother, and has had difficulty fighting for the custody of her other son. Juris, on the other hand, was abandoned by her own mom when she was a teenager, which resulted in her overwhelming fear of losing Leyna and the desire to have a complete family. While the two women have differences, what they have in common is their ultimate dream to keep their families together.


“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

Cardo (Coco Martin) is a hero not only for saving lives but also for binding his family together. He had a rough start with his Lola Flora (Susan Roces), but after learning about his grandmother’s sacrifices, he decided to set aside his anger and rebuild their family. His marriage with Alyana (Yassi Pressman) used to be on the rocks, but he later on realized he could not afford to lose another loved one after the tragic death of their son, so he tirelessly pursued his wife and promised to make up for all his shortcomings. Now that he is back on duty as a police officer, he is the binding force that keeps his family intact as he continues to impart to them all the lessons he has learned from his experiences.


“Los Bastardos”

People commit mistakes, and this is something Don Roman acknowledges. That’s why after years of being away from his sons, he now devotes his life to making sure there is peace and mutual respect among his sons and family. It was a struggle getting his sons to get along, what with their clashing personalities getting the most of them. But with the  love and proper guidance from Don Roman, they learned to accept each other and face life together as brothers.