7 reasons why iWant's psycho-horror movie "Abandoned" is worth your 75 minutes

September 26, 2019 AT 04:44 PM

7 reasons why iWant's psycho-horror movie "Abandoned" is worth your 75 minutes

Ready to turn your dreams into nightmares?

If you want a spook fest but are too lazy to choose a film to watch amidst the abundance of horror flicks in cinemas, why not stay just at home and save up a bit?

Enjoy the cuddle weather, because with just a tap or a click on your phones and gadgets at home, you get a full movie experience with iWant’s chilling story of a mother and a son trapped in a life of haunting spirits in the psycho-horror movie “Abandoned,” an iWant original movie that you can stream for free!

Flip the switch off and grab bae for this one. It’s gonna be a frightening ride.



Here are seven reasons why “Abandoned” deserves your time and attention:

1.    Its short running time

For only an hour and 15 minutes, viewers get to witness a story of love and resilience in a horror setting in the Kip Oebanda film where dedicated mother and son look out for each other in the midst of bullies, evil spirits, lurking shadows of the past. Set in an eerie location where one should roam at midnight and 3 in the morning alone, get ready to get spooked with disturbing scenes and ending that will leave you bewildered. Ready your blanket. Expect jumpscares.  

2.    Beauty takes on her first horror role

From her kindhearted mother roles, Beauty expands her acting repertoire as she plays the complex Simone, the single mother of RJ (played by Seth) who is struggling to find a job after a traumatic experience during her previous one. Simone is a far cry from the glamorous Romina Mondragon as Beauty portrays a dedicated yet mentally unstable woman, plagued by the ghosts of an old building.


3.    It’s Seth’s first movie project
Without his Gold Squad co-members by his side, Seth can stand on his own and is ready to prove his place in the industry with his first movie and leading role. Seth’s RJ in “Abandoned” is amusing and mischievous, adding a charming layer to the otherwise chilling film that draws its scares from unresolved personal traumas. 

4.    Its symbolisms make it not your typical white lady horror movie

The title itself gives meaning to a lot of scenes in the movie. “Abandoned” isn’t just about the haunted building and its supernatural elements, but how her spooky workplace provokes Simone’s deepest and darkest fear – abandonment – which she has dealt with all her life. 

5.    It depicts how patriarchy trumps women on a daily basis.

Simone’s predicament starts when her boss Soliman (another symbolism) “handpicks” her for the unusual job, and all the while their security firm’s logo represents manhood and the fires of hell. Her cocky colleague Renante won’t trade shifts with her, and a loan shark tries to take advantage of her financial instability.

It is also revealed that Simone’s father originally wanted a son, thus, her untypical name and painful childhood.

6.    It shows how a mother’s love overcomes all difficulties.
Simone’s ex-husband was also a domestic abuser, causing her to leave and raise RJ The film shows a mother’s unconditional love for her son—from borrowing money, looking for jobs she’s incapable of, throwing a birthday celebration, warding off evil spirits, and even literally sacrificing herself in place of her son. A mother’s love never yields.

7.    It encourages us to check up on our own moms.
Our moms always look like they got it all together, but who takes care of them when they have no one to run to? In the movie, RJ reveals he has been skipping school to secretly help his mom financially by buying and selling things online and even defending her name from bullies in school. It was RJ all along that kept her going. Looking back, he always has been Simone’s source of strength. And although our mothers seem like they can handle everything, it wouldn’t hurt to check up on them and give them a warm hug every once in a while.

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