5 witty and amusing memes from Cinema One to help you de-stress

October 22, 2021 AT 11:12 AM

Filipinos have always had a good sense of humor so it’s no surprise that one of the most well-loved content on social media are memes—which provide netizens with a good laugh especially if it’s relatable to them on a personal level.

If you’ve been feeling drained lately and in need of a way to relax, browse through these entertaining memes from Cinema One to help you enjoy a much-needed breather:


This meme with a deadpan humor has earned quite a lot of laughs and interactions from netizens, judging from the 22,000+ reactions it got on Cinema One’s Facebook page. Many also played along with the joke in the comments section, saying they don’t believe in what the post says but typed their sentiments in all caps anyway, because who wouldn’t want to quickly earn five thousand pesos just by simply doing that, right?


Repurposed from a scene of an enraged Anne Curtis in the Star Cinema film “Babe, I Love You,” this meme will probably be most appreciated by chicken wing enthusiasts yet frowned upon by Tinola lovers. Though Anne’s anger that perfectly captures the feeling of being betrayed by having to eat the beloved chicken part in Tinola is pretty funny, perhaps we can still appreciate the top-tier taste of chicken wing regardless of how it’s been cooked, yes?

3. “’Yung pera ko parang Batangueño—‘Ala Eh’”

What makes this meme even cleverer is the fact that it features Kathryn Bernardo in one of her most vulnerable scenes in the blockbuster Star Cinema movie “Hello, Love, Goodbye,” where she talks to Alden Richards’ character about her struggles as an OFW. In contrast to that moving scene, one can’t help but snicker over the gag where Kathryn’s solemn face is used to depict the sadness in having no money or as Batangueños say it, “Ala eh.”

4. “Alam ko namang masasaktan lang ako sa huli pero hayaan mo na. Sa huli pa naman ‘yon!”

A lot of people are probably familiar with Toni Gonzaga’s brand of romantic-comedy films, which usually involves animated facial expressions along with her iconic dialogues. In this meme from Toni’s 2018 film “Mary, Marry Me,” she can be seen holding a cup of coffee while looking back at the camera with a haughty smile, flawlessly representing the carefree disposition one usually has when entering a new relationship.

5. “Minsan yakap lang ang kailangan ko pero madalas—5k”

Who wouldn’t be able to relate to that feeling of wanting money over a little bit of ‘lambing’? That’s precisely the quip to chuckle about in this meme as portrayed by JM De Guzman crying his heart out inside a car from Star Cinema’s 2019 flick “Last Fool Show,” because of course a hug is a great way to feel appreciated but receiving cash isn’t bad either, right?

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