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Elisse, Arielle, and Barbie endager their lives for social media in iWant original “You Have Arrived”

October 23, 2019 AT 12:36 PM

Elisse, Arielle, and Barbie endager their lives for social media in iWant original “You Have Arrived”

How far will you go for your followers?

From one epic night comes the undoing of three social media influencers in the iWant original movie “You Have Arrived,” which follows Elisse Joson, Arielle Roces, and Barbie Imperial as they fight for followers and for their lives and starts streaming on the platform this October 25 (Friday).
Written and directed by “Bagman” creator Shugo Praico, “You Have Arrived.” depicts the story of childhood best friends and desperate micro-influencers Arianne (Elisse), Flo (Ariel), and Dani (Barbie), whose lives revolve around likes, views, and followers.
Problems will start with the group’s leader, Arianne, whose social media account crashes after her friends livestream her being groped. Hell-bent on getting her followers back, Arianne then comes across an invitation to a mysterious gathering of influencers tagged as “Epik Party.” Even though her friends uploaded the video that caused her reputation’s downfall, Arianne invites both Flo and Dani, convinced that they will all bolster their social media statuses because of the event.
The trio attend what is supposed to be a party that will change their social lives, but they will discover the hard way that it is a cover-up for a dangerous prostitution ring. As the three fight their way to escape, things become ugly and blood must be shed.
Will they be able to make it out alive? Will the gruesome incident make their friendship stronger or only force them to turn their backs on each other?
“You Have Arrived.” is produced by Rein Entertainment and Cinebro. One of ABS-CBN’s film outfits, Cinebro has produced films such as the hit movie “AWOL,” headlined by Gerald Anderson, and Erich Gonzales' first action movie “We Will Not Die Tonight,” and Derek Ramsay and Jessy Mendiola’s first team-up in the iWant original movie “Mga Mata Sa Dilim.”
Find out whether best friends will make it or break it in “You Have Arrived.,” streaming on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or for free starting October 25. For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial and @dreamscapedigital on Instagram, and subscribe to