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NBC Bay Area discusses BA Original Documentary that tackles modern-day slavery and human trafficking

November 14, 2019 AT 05:42 PM

NBC Bay Area’s Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa talks about the BA Original Documentary Kept: Six Decades of Servitude this Sunday, November 17, on NBC Bay Area Channel 11 and 3 (cable) and on COZI TV Channel 186. The 30-minute program covers Asian newsmakers, events, community accolades, and youth perspectives.
Handa interviewed ABS-CBN International’s documentary duo  Steve Angeles and Jeremiah Ysip about Kept that features the story of Nanay Fedelina, domestic worker and human trafficking survivor, who lived a life of servitude for the past 65 years with a family she served who brought her to America in the 1970s and cut her ties from her own family.
BA Correspondent Angeles, who is also the documentary’s writer and producer, learned of Nanay’s story about a year ago while he was covering the Pilipino Workers Center (PWC). “It was still in the prosecution stage, but due to the sensitivity of this, we kept this story a secret until they felt it was time to share her story, which we started doing on our BA newscast.” It was BA that broke the compelling story of Nanay Fedelina.
Director/Cinematographer Ysip shares that not many Filipinos know that human trafficking or modern-day slavery exists especially with Filipinos victimizing their own countrymen. Handa notes that “human trafficking and domestic violence are two issues that we need to make inroads and discuss more.”  

Nanay Fedelina’s story as domestic worker and human trafficking survivor will be discussed on NBC Bay Area’s “Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa.” (Photo courtesry of Jeremiah Ysip)
Catch the insightful discussion on Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa this Sunday, November 17 on NBC Bay Area channel 11, cable 3 and 703 at 5:30 AM and on COZI TV channel 186 at 6:00 PM.
Nanay Fedelina’s compelling story, KEPT: Six Decades of Servitude, a BA Original Documentary is written and produced by the same team behind last year’s BA original documentary and Emmy nominated “Lost & Found”Steve Angeles, Jeremiah Ysip, Danny Manansala, Mike Carrion, and Troy Espera.
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