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Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In-Na, set to "Touch Your Heart" on ABS-CBN

November 22, 2019 AT 04:00 PM

Is redemption possible for a celebrity who was mired in a huge scandal that many thought to be a career-ender?

Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong Wook are set to make hearts flutter when their widely-successful romantic-comedy drama “Touch Your Heart” premieres on ABS-CBN this Monday (November 25), replacing “100 Days My Prince” in the Kapamilya Gold timeslot.

Celine Oh (In-Na) is an actress who has fallen from grace after getting caught up in a scandal. She’s trying to get her career back on track and wants to take on a writer’s challenge of interning at a law office to play her part perfectly. Here, she will meet Daryl Kwon (Dong Wook), one of the top lawyers in the firm she has to intern in, and will be his personal secretary.

Daryl is the complete opposite of Celine in that he lives privately and dislikes company unless necessary. However, as the story proceeds, she starts developing feelings for Celine and will have to juggle having to be romantically-linked to a celebrity and all its troubles.

What will happen to Celine and Daryl as their romance blooms alongside their work as boss and secretary?

Meanwhile, “100 Days My Prince” is near its end as Lee Yool, played by EXO star D.O, sets to right the wrongs started by his father and promises to marry Yoon Yi-Seo, played by Nam Ji-Hyun, properly this time and not as the amnesiac Na Won-Deuk they found in the forest.

Will the crown prince be able to back up his promise?

Catch the premiere of one of South Korea’s romance-comedy hits this year, “Touch Your Heart,” as it opens on Monday (November 25), replacing “100 Days My Prince,” which will air its finale this Friday (November 22) after “Sandugo.”

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