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Cinema One's YouTube channel reaches 100K subscribers

May 24, 2019 AT 12:49 PM

Cinema One's YouTube channel reaches 100K subscribers

Full movies, rare documentaries, entertainment news, and more are available online via Cinema One's channel on YouTube!

Streams “Rome & Juliet” starting May 30

The country’s leading cable channel, Cinema One, has now surpassed 100,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.
The online channel is Cinema One’s digital platform that gives netizens access to full movies, rare documentaries, "Cinema News" bits and other entertainment news, special behind-the-scene features, exclusive interviews, archival footage, and many more.
Last February, it premiered the Cinema One Originals’ flick “That Thing Called Tadhana” and the movie has gained almost two million views as of this writing. Other releases include “Confessional,” “Yanggaw,” and the “Himala Ngayon” docu.
Meanwhile, “Rome & Juliet,” an LGBT-themed film starring Andrea del Rosario and Mylene Dizon, will be streaming on the online channel for the first time this May 30 (Thursday).
Juliet (Andrea), a conservative pre-school teacher who is about to get married, hires free-spirited Rome (Mylene) as her wedding planner. The two develop a deep friendship that leads to a forbidden connection. What will happen when Juliet’s fianc√© finds out about the unexpected romance between the two women?
Gigi Javier Alfonso hailed the film’s courage for exploring an unpopular theme in her review on She said, “Director Connie Macatuno, with the script of Chris Violago, dares to take up a sensitive issue more specifically in a macho country such as ours. The film deals with lesbianism with new images and storyline.”
The romance-drama gave Mylene the Best Actress award in C1 Originals. It also earned Best in Production Design for Gerry Santos.
Witness the unfolding of love and passion between “Rome & Juliet” on YouTube on May 30 (Thursday) at 8pm! Like and subscribe to for free movies and other exclusive behind-the-scene videos.