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Enchong sacrifices for parents, brother, and own family in "MMK"

June 04, 2019 AT 07:49 PM

Kapamilya actor Enchong Dee will give life to the story of a man who wholeheartedly sacrificed for his parents and sick brother while juggling his responsibilities as a father to his own family as “MMK” celebrates its 28th anniversary this Saturday (June 8).
Melvin (Enchong) grows up longing for attention from his parents, who devote most of their time taking care of his brother Michael (Zaijian Jaranilla) who has cerebral palsy. The lack of affection fosters bitterness in him, which makes him promise to shower love to his future family, unlike how he is treated by his parents.
However, Melvin’s dream of a perfect family is shattered as a series of adversities hits his life and forces him to choose between his family and marriage.
Melvin is first tested when his father becomes severely ill, while his wife is going through a tough pregnancy. He goes on to face a tougher battle after his child is diagnosed with autism, and he unexpectedly has to take care of his sick brother while his mother recovers from a kidney operation.
All of the chaos takes a toll on Melvin’s marriage as his wife feels that he has failed as a father to his children with all the time he spends to help his family. As if life could not get any harder, Melvin’s father and brother pass away.
How will Melvin rise above the chaos that surrounds him?
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