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SKYBIZ enables women entrepreneurs

June 04, 2019 AT 10:32 AM

SKYBIZ enables women entrepreneurs

With online businesses

Many Filipinas today are running their businesses at home, from making healthy foods to selling fashion or household items.  And they are doing it with ease because of available broadband technology.  They can now put up their own home-based businesses and rely on business solutions from SKYBIZ.

“They can go online, they don’t have to leave the premises of their home, everything can be done online. If they like baking, cooking, they can put up an online store. Some of our members just started doing beauty products only through their homes,” Mayren Garcia, founder of Network of Women Entrepreneurs (NEW), a SKYBIZ partner, said.

SKYBIZ, the business solutions arm of SKY Cable Corporation, recently tied up with NEW for a leg of the former’s Growth Series, where speakers advised business start-up owners with valuable information on how to grow their businesses. In this leg, female entrepreneurs gave a talk before other women about the values of being technologically-savvy.

The prospects of becoming successful are good, especially for women who are able to harness the power of going online. For Sofia Veronica Relosa, who owns SVR Infinity Skincare Manufacturing, what started as a sideline has become her family’s major source of income.

The convenience in simply tapping into technology is that sometimes, it is also the only major requirement to operate. “You don’t have to have an office, you can start your business with zero capital, all you need is a reliable internet and your smartphone and your laptop…and that’s what I did then,” Relosa told the audience.
In marketing her product, she “used guerilla marketing, which was tagging friends. You need to know your market well to be able to maximize social media,” she said. She did not even have any picture of the products she first sold. She just asked from a supplier and posted it on the internet. Until now, they still use social media as the main venue for distribution.

Entrepreneur Mench Dizon established a few small online-based businesses before founding and finding herself going long-term with another online business. This time, she used the internet to make the lives of other working women easier.

She set up a home concierge venture designed for busy women called Together with her team, she assists women in running their household. “Gina is your home manager. Think about her as Mayordoma 2.0 but I’d like to use your home manager because a home manager is a partner,” Dizon said.  
In running online businesses, women need a reliable partner to deliver their services. SKYBIZ, with its fast and business-grade broadband services through a fiber network, has products that are designed to help enterprises ensure productivity, capitalize on digital technology, with the provision of cable television to enrich customer experience.

These include business-grade fiber broadband connections that may be bundled with other data and content services like BIZTV HD, powered by SKYcable, and BIZTV Direct, powered by SKYdirect. There’s also the BIZbroadband Connect plan for SMEs, which includes business-grade broadband with no data caps, a 24/7 technical support, static IP, and domain registration for one year.

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