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Mylene and Kit's fiery “Belle Douleur” opens in cinemas on August 14

August 06, 2019 AT 05:11 PM

Mylene and Kit's fiery “Belle Douleur” opens in cinemas on August 14

The sexiest May-December love affair of the year…

After receiving rave reviews as a competition entry at the 2019 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, “Belle Douleur,” the sexiest May-December love affair of the year, will see its nationwide theatrical release this August 14.
Starring multi-awarded actress Mylene Dizon and today's hottest young actor Kit Thompson, “Belle Douleur” is Atty. Joji Alonso’s directorial debut after producing a string of hit movies for Quantum Films.
Mylene plays Elizabeth, a self-made woman in her late 40s bent on living on her own for the rest of her days, despite societal pressures to settle down with someone.
After her mother passes away, she is convinced by her friends to do something “stupid, reckless, and irresponsible.” She then meets Josh (Kit), an antique collector 20 years her junior, who convinces her that love knows no age and that there are no limits to life’s beginnings.
They embark on a May-December affair that is very promising, until Liz realizes that Josh has dreams she cannot be part of.
“Belle Douleur,” (“beautiful pain” in French), is written by Therese Cayaba.
“The subtlety of it is what makes this film so worthy… Belle Douleur is definitely one of the must-see entries for #cinemalaya2019, mahuhusay ang mga actors, leads, or supporting cast, malinis ang directing ni Atty. Joji, at may lalim at puso ang istorya,” said Instagram movie critic @magandabamovie.
"Belle Douleur centers on how the mind should be over one's heart. Camera angles were commendable, the colors were pleasant. Soundtrack was great. Mylene and Kit offered something fresh." Said Twitter user @jueliand.
"Great performances by main characters, great direction by Atty. Joji Alonso. Watch from beginning please!" posted @Renmare on Twitter.
“Belle Douleur,” co-produced by Quantum Films and iWant, opens in theaters nationwide beginning August 14.