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Love tries to save strained family from selfishness and lies on “Parasite Island”

September 13, 2019 AT 01:27 PM

Love tries to save strained family from selfishness and lies on “Parasite Island”

Premiere of new Kapamilya show that teaches lessons attracts more viewers nationwide

Can love overpower selfishness, resentment, and entitlement to save a family that has been strained by a supernatural tragedy brought on by leeches that have a taste for human flesh?
ABS-CBN presents another fantasy series ­­­that will teach viewers important lessons, “Parasite Island,” which started airing and was widely tuned in nationwide last night (September 8) as the pilot episode recorded a national TV rating of 30% versus “Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko’s” 17.3%, according to data from Kantar Media.
Talented paramedic Jessie (Rafael Rosell) used to have a lot of potential as a child, but grew up bitterly as his brothers blamed him for the mysteriously tragic death of their father. This happened when young Jessie insisted on going swimming in a lake in an island called El Cuerpo after his father was attacked after saving him from drowning.
While it truly was not Jessie’s fault, no one believes his story that a rabid woman covered in leeches tackled his father and dragged him into a crevice under the waters of the lake, leaving no traces, not even a body.
Twenty-three years have passed, and Jessie’s conscience is still burdened by guilt over his father’s death, which remains unexplained and unavenged. He is now dealing with a bad case of alcoholism that even caused his family and his relationship with his wife Janelle (Ria Atayde) and daughter to break apart.
Jessie comes home to El Cuerpo to surprise his mother Daria (Liza Lorena) for his mother Daria’s (Liza Lorena) 70th birthday celebration. His arrival will be followed by his two greedy older brothers, Warren (Michael Flores) and Gary (Bernard Palanca), who both have sole intentions and aspirations of inheriting a large slice of their mother’s estate.
True intentions will be unraveled in the aftermath of the party, while the strange epidemic begins to take over the island of El Cuerpo.
Their ability to serve and sacrifice for family and friends will be tested in spite of difficult conditions. Will the return of these supernatural leeches help this family set aside its grudges to survive? Or will it further drive each other apart?
Directed by Avel Sunpongco and Richard Arellano, the Dreamscape Entertainment offering also stars Desiree del Valle, Zeppi Borromeo, Fino Herrera, Charlie Dizon, Kaori Oinuma, Paulo Angeles, Ian Galliguez, and Bianca Manalo.
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