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ABS-CBN airs docu on mental health on “Sunday's Best"

September 19, 2019 AT 10:25 AM

When people feel something wrong with their bodies, they take medicines or rush to the nearest hospital. But what if what ails is not physical but mental? What do we do?
ABS-CBN DocuCentral’s latest piece, “Invisible,” hopes to answer this question as it delves into the issues surrounding mental health this Sunday (September 22) on “Sunday’s Best” right after “Gandang Gabi Vice” on ABS-CBN.
Still considered a taboo topic, mental health is usually associated with craziness, mental derangement, or lack of faith, leading to people suffering from mental illness being told to just shrug the feeling off or to get over the phase. In the Philippines, there are about 3.3 million Filipinos afflicted with this “invisible” ailment, many of which are afraid to admit and deal with their condition for fear of being seen as weak or merely seeking attention. Sometimes, warning signs are ignored and things end up tragically.
In the full-length documentary, ABS-CBN hopes to destigmatize mental health by taking a more optimistic approach on the issue with stories of recovery and redemption amid all the sad news and unfortunate incidents that have come out regarding it. Find hope from people who have triumphed over and learned to live with their mental health illnesses, and of those who have learned to cope with the loss of a loved one over suicide. Viewers will also get to meet Kikz Lazatin, a father who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks; Kate Atienza, a yoga instructor who deals with a bipolar disorder; and actress Shamaine Buencamino, whose family was dealt a massive blow in 2015 when her daughter took her own life.
The documentary will also feature health professionals, government officials, and advocates who are leading the fight in obtaining proper mental health services for Filipinos through pushing for a new mental health bill, promoting mental health awareness, and providing support to those suffering from mental illness.
Don’t miss the special documentary on mental health, titled “Invisible,” produced by ABS-CBN News’ award-winning documentary team DocuCentral, this Sunday (September 22), on “Sunday’s Best” right after “Gandang Gabi Vice.” For more on the latest documentaries follow @DocuCentral on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For updates follow @ABSCBNpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or go to