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ABS-CBN International Reimagines Post Covid-19 Workplace, Announces New Office Locations

October 06, 2020 AT 11:17 AM

Following over half a year of a work-from-home (WFH) set-up due to COVID-19 restrictions, ABS-CBN International -- a leading media and entertainment company producing and distributing Filipino content in North and Latin America -- is announcing its new office locations effective November 1, 2020

Adopting a working model that prioritizes efficiency, productivity, safety and health, while reducing singular in-office capacity, ABS-CBN International will soon operate from three different locations: 

·         Northern California – 432 N Canal St., Ste 21, South San Francisco, CA 94080. This will be the primary location where all physical mail and deliveries will be routed. This is also the new office for ABS-CBN Foundation International, the non-profit international philanthropic service arm of ABS-CBN.

·         Southern California – 3535 Hayden Ave., Ste 320, Culver City, CA 90232.
The number to call both offices in the U.S. is 877-88-GO-TFC (1-877-884-6832)

·         Toronto, Canada – 300 Consilium Place Ste 105, Scarborough ON M1H 3E3. The number to call in Canada is 855-TFC-CNDA (1-855-832-2632). 

“We opted to have several but smaller offices, while most of our workforce will continue to work remotely from home,” said ABS-CBN International Managing Director Jun Del Rosario. “We’ve proven that we can operate with a smaller footprint without compromising deliverables. We’ve leveraged technology to optimize collaboration, disrupting but not altering person-to-person connectivity, corporate culture, customer engagement and community service. This new move is a very purpose-driven strategy reflective of post-COVID-19 realities. It will help us continue being in the service of the Filipino and being able to bring the Filipino to the world stage.” 

Del Rosario added: “We are very grateful to our employees, the city officers, community leaders and people of Daly City for hosting our office for three years.  Rest assured that we will remain ready to serve our communities, continue partnerships and build new opportunities for collaboration from wherever we are.” 

For more information, visit the website for U.S. at and for Canada at . 




Nerissa M. Fernandez 
Global Head of Corporate Affairs & Strategic CSR 
ABS-CBN International