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Metro Society's "Inspiring People" trains the spotlight on personalities who made a difference throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

July 29, 2020 AT 02:15 PM

For close to two decades, Metro Society, the bible to high society and luxury, has made its mark as the magazine authority on the most inspiring and relevant personalities in Philippine society, offering its readers a truly authentic voice and an insider’s perspective. 

Much like its mother company ABS-CBN, to be of service is at the core of everything done at the Metro Group. Letting love and kindness be our roadmap, Metro Society has produced an on-air special for Metro Channel dedicated to the heroes and beacons of hope during these unprecedented and uncertain times. Titled “Inspiring People,” the leading homegrown luxury lifestyle magazine in the country produces a four part special featuring personalities whose powerful and inspiring stories have been sources of strength and hope for us all. The aim of this special is to honor and pay tribute to these inspiring people, giving them a platform to have their stories shared to Filipino people and to the world. 

Realizing that it is much more than a luxury lifestyle magazine. Metro Society cares about the world at large, remaining openly progressive and socially committed. Magazines and print reflect and recount the times, as challenging as they may be. With our way of life shaken, Metro Society seeks out to constantly find ways in which we can rise together, emerging out of this very dark time stronger and better versions of ourselves, individually and as a collective. 

Discover Metro Society’s Inspiring People in a four-part TV special premiering on Metro Channel. Hosted by the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Raul Manzano, sit down with several of today’s modern-day heroes who rose above the tough situation to uplift others and inspire many to do the same. 

In its first episode, see how COVID-19 changed everyone’s lives, and how extraordinary people responded. Airing on July 29, Wednesday, at 7:30 PM, the first episode witnesses Drs. Z and Aivee Teo use innovation, reaching out and heeding their calling to help others in a time when help is needed the most. After, Dr. Susan Mercado lends a calm and reassuring voice amidst the pandemic, tackling issues of public health and leadership. The first part of the Inspiring People TV special ends with Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat, who shares her experience and insight on leadership and good governance in the time of COVID-19. 

Episode 2 shares a message of courage, as it opens with the story of entrepreneurs Sam Verzosa and RS Francisco of FrontRow who were armed with the courage to persevere and reach out to those in need in the time of coronavirus. Then, Dr. Saturnino Javier shows what courage means in leadership as he shares his own experience leading and motivating medical professionals and frontliners in Makati Medical City in the height of crisis. With a message of courage and hope, actress Iza Calzado concludes the second part of the Metro Society’s Inspiring People TV special talking about how one finds true courage in hope, faith, and love. Episode 2 airs on August 12, Wednesday, at 7:30 PM. 

Episode 3, which airs on August 26, Wednesday, at 7:30 PM, is about sharing one’s gift to others, giving parts of themselves to inspire, uplift, and lead. The episode opens with Gary Valenciano who shares his gift of music, inspiring people with his actions to raise money for charity. The episode also sees us talk to Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles, whose work with the IATF shows his leadership and service that had offered life-changing solutions that benefited the health of the community at large. Finally, sharing their gift of creativity and talent to fight COVID-19, architects Dan Lichauco, William Ti, and Denise de Castro talk about their own efforts to help this nation build and rebuild in the new normal through quarantine facilities and other such infrastructures. 

Episode 4, the final part of Metro Society’s Inspiring People TV special, sees trailblazers who act as beacons of light that shine in the darkness, wielding their influence and reach in their respective industries for a greater good. The episode opens with Angel Locsin, who uses the power of celebrity and her influence to help others and raise awareness on important issues. Metro Society also sits down with fashion designers Rajo Laurel, Patty Ang, and Edwin Tan, who use their power of creativity and talent towards a greater cause in the midst of everything. Finally, the entire series culminates with Ramon Ang who, through his actions during the pandemic, shows how big business can do good, and how leadership and shaping the business environment to help others may prove to be the most meaningful act one can dedicate themselves to yet. This culminating episode to the series airs on September 9, Wednesday, at 7:30 PM. 

Some of the simplest acts can make a big impact, as sharing and telling these stories can create waves of change. Don’t miss the first part of Metro Society’s Inspiring People this Wednesday and make sure to catch the succeeding parts featuring more uplifting stories of courage and hope on Metro Channel. Stay updated by following Metro Society on Instagram @metrosocietyph, and Metro Channel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @metrochannelph.