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Experience all the joys of a Filipino Christmas with “Salubong: The Christmas Concert”

December 10, 2021 AT 05:50 AM

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA, DECEMBER 9, 2021 – Christmas is just around the corner and Filipinos around the world can all agree that nothing beats a Filipino Christmas. From having the longest celebration for this festive holiday, to the aroma of the fresh buttery smell of bibingka cooking outside the church, to the colorful lights that deck even the tiniest homes, the festive spread for Noche Buena, and the warmth and comfort of family.
Experience the authentic joys of a Filipino Christmas when MG Live brings “Salubong: The Christmas Concert” streaming on on December 10 at 8:00 P.M. (Manila)  and December 11 at 10:00 A.M. (Manila).
The special features OPM hitmaker Aegis, leading rock quartet Sponge Cola, breakthrough urban and hiphop musician CLR, and spoken word artist Martin Naling. All the performers hope to provide audiences worldwide that joyful feeling of the season, even for those who will be spending Christmas outside of the Philippines.
The recent global media conference for “Salubong” The Christmas Concert” had the artists: Aegis, Sponge Cola, CLR, and Martin Naling answer questions from the press from different regions.

Intersections CEO Gladys Rondina Basinillo is excited to share “Salubong” with the rest of the world. She says that “Salubong” is their way to still be able to connect with their consumers. Basinillo adds that “Music marketing is a very important part of the economy in general. We are very thankful to TFC for partnering with us.”
For Intersections CEO Gladys Rondina Basinillo (left), Salubong, is a treat they want to share with Filipino families at home, or wherever they are in the world.

At the recent global media conference for “Salubong,” MG Philippines’ Senior PR Manager Chino Subido emphasized that music is a very important part of the MG brand. He added that they “want to champion OPM (Original Pilipino Music) that is why we have our breakout artists and our superstar artists to headline our ‘Salubong’ concert.”
Erwin Armovit, lead guitarist of Sponge Cola, pointed out that “Salubong is like the musical equivalent of a feast.” He compares it to how families bring their own contribution to the potluck. The concert is like a Noche Buena of music, where the artists offer different genres that come together for a cohesive spread of musical talent.
Mercy of Aegis shared that the family band is happy to be part of this Christmas concert.  While poet and spoken word artist Martin explained that “the most powerful form of communication is through story.” Salubong will be an entertaining and heartwarming treat for viewers where the music weaves stories that capture the sentiments of the holiday season.

(Top) Sponge Cola, (Bottom L-R) Aegis and CLR will be performing in “Salubong: The Christmas Concert.”

Experience the holiday cheer with Salubong: The Christmas Concert, streaming worldwide via on December 10 at 8:00 P.M. (Manila) and December 11 at 10:00 A.M. (Manila). This special is presented by MG Philippines, in cooperation with Praxis and TFC. The show is directed by Paul Alexei Basinillo.
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