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A Grandson Who Might Age Out and a Daughter Who Is a DACA Beneficiary Are Some of the Issues to Be Tackled This Sunday on Citizen Pinoy

April 24, 2021 AT 03:15 AM

Leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel provides the latest immigration developments, as featured on his YouTube channel: US Immigration TV.

This Sunday, he also answers questions centered around family.
Priscila from Denver, Colorado is worried that her eldest grandson might not be able to join the rest of the family when the petition for her daughter becomes current. The priority date is March 2004. Priscila’s grandson is now 20 years old. Will he qualify under CSPA and be able to come to the U.S. with the whole family?

Alicia and Ben from New Jersey have a daughter who is under petition with a priority date of April 2013. The same daughter is currently under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Will their daughter be able to get a green card, either through the parent’s petition or via President Biden’s immigration reform program for Dreamers?
Atty. Gurfinkel provides answers to these questions and more on a brand-new episode of CITIZEN PINOY,  this Sunday, April 25,  at 5:30 PM PT (8:30 PM ET thru select Cable/Satellite providers).