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iWantTFC tackles the meaning of self-love in "Bola-Bola", streaming starting on March 26

March 25, 2022 AT 01:20 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 25, 2022 - What is "self-love"?  Like chicken adobo, there are as many versions of this concept as there are people defining it.  But most would agree on the basics: that it requires an appreciation of one's own worth or value without the need for making downward social comparisons.  As folks would say today, "You do you." 
Leading global Filipino streaming platform iWantTFC's upcoming original series, "Bola-Bola", which premieres on March 26, presents the journey of Thea Balderama ("Kadenang Ginto" and Gold Squad alum Francine Diaz): a normal teenager focused on her studies while preparing for the future and even for the possibility of falling in love.  But her greatest love has always been food which is matched by her impressive talent in cooking.
Yet in a world where the loveable plus-size foodie Thea is confronted by a diet culture that preaches small figures as the ideal, Thea begins to question herself in the light of society's cruelly imposed beauty standards and body image.


The cast of "Bola-Bola". Foreground, Francine Diaz.  Back row, from left:
KD Estrada, Akira Morishita, and Ashton Salvador.
 How will her next decisions and actions impact her relationships with:
  • Lucas (played by BGYO member Akira Morishita), her lifelong crush who's not into plus-sized women?
  • Julian (played by former PBB housemate KD Estrada), her best friend and number one support system who has a secret crush on her?  
  • Josh (played by Ashton Salvador, first teen PBB housemate), her fitness trainer who used to be in Thea's shoes, weight-wise, and who begins to fall for her as well?
Who will eventually win Thea's heart?
Watch the official trailer: "Bola-Bola
Bola-Bola,” directed by JP Habac and produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and KreativDen, also stars The Squad 2022’s Analain Salvador and Danica Ontengco, Vance Larena, J-Mee Katanyag, and Arlene Muhlach.
The series is available on iWantTFC Premium plan outside the Philippines and has six episodes which begins streaming on March 26, with new episode drop on the succeeding weekends. Subscribe now to iWantTFC for only USD 12.99 (U.S.) and CAD 9.99 (Canada) a month by downloading the iWantTFC app (iOS and Android) or signing up on the website ( New eligible users can enjoy streaming FREE for 30 days.