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iWantTFC explores the foibles and follies of YOLO in the new summer series, “Beach Bros”, starting July 16

July 14, 2022 AT 04:02 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 14, 2022 – “YOLO – You Only Live Once”.  Chill, Drake, you did not invent the acronym, you just popularized it via “The Motto” in 2011. But reality TV personality Adam Mesh in 2004 and celebrated indie group The Strokes in 2006 had already mentioned YOLO in their respective works.  In fact, as early as 1993, a company selling t-shirts, tank tops, hats and sweaters filed an application to obtain a trademark for YOLO but abandoned it a year later. 
The history goes farther back, but you get the point: YOLO is not a new concept but has countless iterations. Generations of people have found allure (and many times, regret) in living only in the present and doing your best to have fun with what life presents you. And they have expressed this mindset in multifarious ways. 
iWantTFC, the leading global Filipino streaming platform, explores YOLO circa 2022 among a group of male Filipino teens in its new original summer series, “Beach Bros”, coming out on July 16. 
The series boasts of breakout stars Kyle Echarri and Chie Filomeno from the hit series, "Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Celebrity Edition". Joining them are promising young talents Brent Manalo, Raven Rigor, Sean Tristan and Lance Carr with Kira Balinger and Angelica Lao.
The male talents comprise the "Baler Boys" in the series -- a group of happy-go-lucky young guys who work hard (and have fun) as waiters and pool boys at a luxury beach resort to fulfill their dreams of moving to the big metropolis and living life to the fullest. Then they meet the young ladies with complicated backgrounds who seem determined to out-YOLO them all.   
The boys’ lives will change when they get entangled in the affairs of Nicole (Chie), an alluring, mysterious young woman who will seemingly help them navigate through their teenage crises.  
As Nicole gets closer to the boys, especially to Dave (Kyle) who falls in love with her, they will soon find out that Nicole has a hidden agenda all along.  
The boys will find themselves going on a crazy adventure as a series of revelations, betrayals, and mishaps ultimately test their maturity, and most importantly, their friendship.
They will also discover that the better part of YOLO is not to live your life recklessly, but extraordinarily.
“Beach Bros,” which is directed by Victor Villanueva, will be available for free streaming on the iWantTFC app (iOS and Android) and website ( beginning this July 16, available with a Premium subscription for only $12.99 a month in the U.S. New eligible users can also enjoy a free trial. 
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