Company Sponsored Training
APRIL 16, 2024 | 12:17:00 PM

The company strives to achieve regular engagement of ABS-CBN employees in the various programs and projects through regular communication tools, including intranet access, regular email, and team/video communications. Each unit has an HR account officer working with the unit head and other support divisions to ensure that all employees are cared for. Support also includes online engagement for positions identified as work-from-home and hybrid.  These types of work arrangements are given access to the office clinic through teleconsulting, increased online tools to support work from home, and regular webinars and communications on health, wellness, mental health, and counseling.
The following DOLE Safety and Health Policies are in place:
Smoke-Free Workplace
Drug-Free Workplace
Hepatitis B Prevention and Control
HIV AIDS Prevention and Control
TB Prevention and Control
Anti-Sexual Harassment
Annual Physical Exam for employees
Medical Testing for new hires
Safety Orientation / Emergency Disaster Preparedness
COVID 19 protocols