The top fan theories on HBO's "Game of Thrones" finale

May 10, 2019 AT 02:14 PM

"Game of Thrones" has always inspired fan theories, what with the kind of devotion its legions of fans have for it. But now that it is inching closer and closer to a climactic finale, the theories have gotten wilder. It’s a mix of blood and gore, with some intrigue thrown in, but all very interesting – and not far form happening.


Arya kills Cersei

Moments before Arya killed the Night King at the Battle of Winterfell, Melisandre repeated the prophecy she said to Cat of the Canals back in season three, which is that Stark is destined to shut “brown eyes, green eyes, and blue eyes.” She already killed Walder Frey, who had brown eyes back in season six, the blue eyes refer to the Night King. What is left in her list is the person with green eyes – this is none other than Cersei Lannister. 


Jaime kills Cersei

Fans strongly believe that Jaime will kill his twin sister/lover/mother of his children, Cersei Lannister. One of the major prophecies in the books is that Cersei will meet her end in the hands of the “Valonqar,” which means “little brother” in High Valyrian and the book proves that Jaime was born after her. And looking back on the past episodes, it looks like he is on the side of Jon and Daenerys. 


Jon or Daenerys is Azor Ahai

As far as the story goes, the Azor Ahai prophecy has yet to happen. What is Azor Ahai? It is a story of a great warrior, destined to deliver the world from darkness.  Melisandre has long prophesied the legendary hero’s return, and it’s been an ongoing question in the series. All throughout, Melisandre is sure that Jon might be the legendary hero because of her dreams. But Jon is not the only person who can fulfill the prophecy because Daenerys also shows signs of being the Azor Ahai. 


Both of them come from the blood of the Dragon. Daenerys was born in Dragonstone (surrounded by salt water) and was “reborn” at the end of the first season when she hatched her dragons in a fire, while Jon was born bleeding and he also came back from the dead.  The salt could have been from the tears shed around him by his fellow, loyal Crows. And the smoke could have been, well, there’s always fire around on the Wall.


But one sign is left for the prophecy to be fulfilled—the Azor Ahai should make a sacrifice. If the prophecy is indeed true, find out if it is Jon or Daenerys who will make the sacrifice and who will they choose to give up? 


Gendry is Cersei's lone surviving child

What is clear to everyone is that Gendry is the bastard son of Cersei’s deceased husband Robert Baratheon. Fans' proof of their claim about Gendry's true parentage was when Cersei spoke to Catelyn Stark back in season one and spilled that her first-born son was a “black-haired beauty” who died shortly after birth. But what if she only faked his death? Fans followed it up with another proof—when Gendry said that her mother was blonde. If this is indeed true, he has also the right to claim the iron throne. 


Daenerys dies after giving birth to Jon's baby

If this is right, Daenerys isn't infertile as she had claimed to Jorah. But what bothers fans is if she carries Jon's baby, will she also suffer the same fate as their mothers who died after they gave birth. Their child will also be a possible heir to the iron throne. 


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