5 times "Alone Together" made a mark in viewers' hearts

July 25, 2019 AT 02:37 PM

Kapamilya hit loveteam “LizQuen” returns to television as their blockbuster 2018 film “Alone Together airs n KBO for the first time this July 26 to 30.


Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil play Tin and Raf, who were once happy college lovers pulled apart by circumstances. Five years pass and they cross paths again, stirring old feelings and throwing the two into a situation where they could or could not get back together.


It’s a story of many truths—sometimes harsh ones—that couples must face. Relive the five times raf and Tin’s story was also ours. 


1.   Raf: "Eto ang plano ko ah, ga-graduate ako, cum laude, para hindi ka mapahiya. Tapos, pakakasalan kita."

While enjoying their free time together, Raf and Tin began sharing their dreams as a couple. Young, eager love always begins wide eyed and optimistic about the future. 


2.   Tin: Raf, kalimutan mo na ako, please. Mahal kita, pero tama na.

After graduating from college, the ideal and optimistic Tin is tested several times at work while Raf struggles with finishing his degree. In the midst of solving her problems at work, Tin also decides to end her relationship with Raf, who wants nothing more than to fix it. Sometimes love is not enough to keep a relationship, leading  two people to take different paths.


3.   Raf: "Tin, what if hindi tayo nag-break? Paano kung hindi ka nawala? What if magkita tayo ulit? Tapos, pwede  pa?"

As they meet again give years after their break-up, Raf invites Tin for a catch-up. As the two talk, Raf begins reminiscing and asking Tin questions about their relationship if they did not give up on each other. Like Raf, people tend to think about the possibilities if they chose a different path or continued what they started: what should have been, what would have been, and what could have been.


4.   “Somewhere along the way, we have to give up some things for others. Okay na ako. Iba na ang mundo ko-Tin

As the couple travel to New York, Raf asks Tin to give their love a second try, but only to be rejected. Sometimes, when the opportunity is there but the timing is wrong, things still do not work out.


5.   “You support me. But not enough to make me fly."

After her New York trip, Tin realizes how her current boyfriend played by Adrian Alandy controls her life, and then decides to break up with him.


Being in a relationship that is suffocating is not healthy. For Tin, ending a relationship is a better decision to make her grow and allow her to do what she really wants.


Don’t miss “Alone Together” this July 26 to 30 with another LizQuen film, “Just The Way You Are,” Vilma Santos films,”In My Life” and “The Healing,” Sarah Geronimo films’ “Hating Kapatid” and “Won’t Last A Day Without You,” and Maja Salvador films, “Status: It’s Complicated” and “My Cactus Heart.”


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