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    ‘I was actually invited’: Nadine reprimands fans over nasty comments vs friend who had dinner with James

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    OPM icon April Boy Regino passes away

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    ‘Lalabas din ang katotohanan’: Jamir Garcia’s partner speaks up on musician’s death

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    Soft drink brand's 'weird' ad leaves Filipino netizens confused

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    READ: ABS-CBN Statement on Bea Alonzo

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    'Super sabaw talaga ako in real life': Tiffany Uy matapos mag-top 5 sa PLE

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    WATCH: ABS-CBN releases ‘Ikaw ang Liwanag at Ligaya’ lyric video

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    Mickey Ferriols, aminadong si Archie Alemania ang kanyang 'greatest heartbreak'

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    Denmark wants to dig up 'zombie mink' that resurfaced from mass graves

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    LOOK: Hopia of ‘Goin’ Bulilit’ fame gets engaged

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