8 times Carlo was Maris' perfect fake boyfriend in "How to Move On in 30 Days"

April 27, 2022 AT 01:11 PM

The fresh team-up of Maris Racal and Carlo Aquino in “How to Move On in 30 Days” has been making viewers’ hearts flutter night in and night out as the lead stars display their undeniable chemistry for ABS-CBN Entertainment’s first YouTube exclusive daily series.

In the current story of the series, which streams for free from Mondays to Fridays at 6 PM, Franco (Carlo) has finally agreed to be Jen’s (Maris) fake boyfriend in order to help her move on from her longtime ex-boyfriend, Jake (Albie Casiño). 

As a professional boyfriend-for-hire, Franco effortlessly exudes his charm and makes sure he fulfills his duties to Jen. Here are eight ‘kilig’-filled moments wherein Franco served as the perfect fake boyfriend to Jen:

  1. Franco defends Jen and agrees to be her fake boyfriend 

Franco and Jen may have started out on the wrong foot ever since Franco rejected her after she begged him to be her fake boyfriend. However, Franco looked like a true knight in shining armor when he suddenly saved Jen from embarrassment and defended her against Jake. Franco proudly told Jake that he is Jen’s boyfriend and from then on, the two made their relationship “official.”

  1. Franco asks Jen out on a date

Franco wasted no time in lending his boyfriend services to Jen when he made an effort to go to her house to personally ask Jen out for their first official date as a fake couple. To make the moment even more special, Franco decided to break his ‘boyfriend-for-hire rules’ when he told Jen that their date will be free of charge. 

  1. Franco and Jen’s sweet first date

Although Franco didn’t plan a grand romantic date for Jen, he still made sure to pull-off something sweet by surprising her with ice cream by the beautiful beach of La Union. Franco and Jen were able to kick things off smoothly, as he offered the ice cream as his “peace offering” for initially rejecting her and they also exchanged cute and sweet pick-up lines.

  1. Franco accompanies Jen to her shoot  

Since Jen is forced to work with Jake as his handler, Franco’s first order of business as Jen’s fake boyfriend was to accompany her to her vlog shoot to rub it in Jake’s face and make it seem that she has indeed moved on from him. Franco did not back down from Jake’s arrogance as he effortlessly displayed his surfing skills and showed off his fit physique. 

  1. Franco rescues Jen from drowning 

Franco emerging from the treacherous waters with Jen in his arms looks like a scene straight out from a classic romance movie. The said scene indeed made viewers fall in love with Franco even more as he rescued an unconscious Jen from drowning. Thankfully, Jen regained consciousness as Franco wrapped his arms around her out of relief that she was safe. 

  1. Franco drops Jen home

As if saving Jen from drowning wasn’t enough, Franco took his fake boyfriend duties up a notch by bringing her home and making sure she recovers. Franco was even hands on in making Jen feel better by giving her medicine and he also cracked a few jokes to make her laugh.

  1. Franco helps Jen plan for Jake’s wedding proposal

Franco is completely aware that his goal as Jen’s fake boyfriend is to help her move on from Jake. That is why when Jen was tasked to organize Jake’s wedding proposal for his girlfriend Anastacia (Sachzna Laparan), Franco did not hesitate in lending a helping hand to Jen. Franco helped Jen every step of the way and made sure that her project would be a complete success.

  1. Franco consoles Jen 

One of the sweetest moments in the series so far was when Franco kept Jen company after she witnessed Jake’s romantic proposal to Anastacia. Franco sincerely gave Jen advice when he told her, “Hayaan mo lang ‘yung puso mo ‘yung mawarak, huwag ‘yung buhay mo.” The two locked eyes and were ready for their first kiss, when Franco suddenly pulled away and kissed her on the cheeks instead, as he jokingly reminded Jen that she has to also pay for a kiss since he is only her fake boyfriend. 

“How to Move On in 30 Days” is a co-production with YouTube as part of ABS-CBN’s latest initiative to expand its digital content offerings and reach younger audiences while continuing to serve more Filipinos on various platforms.

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