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“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” breaks own record, hits new all-time high national TV ratings

October 05, 2018 AT 04:23 PM

The country’s most watched program “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” marked its third anniversary on-air by reaching another milestone and recording a new all-time high national TV rating last Thursday (October 4).

The series hit a national TV rating of 47.2%, or more than triple that of “Victor Magtanggol’s” 15.1%, according to data from Kantar Media.

Viewers tuned in to the gripping struggle effort battle of Cardo (Coco Martin) to save former president Hidalgo’s (Rowell Santiago) daughter Aubrey (Ryza Cenon), the only person who knows that Lucas (Edu Manzano) is the mastermind behind the massacre of their family.

The emotional episode left viewers in awe and praised the cast’s performance.

“This scene is really good. I literally shed a tear. Kudos to those who made this program, especially to the artists in the scene. You deserve the long run on national TV because this program has sense,” YouTube user Doobidoo commented.

“I just woke up. It’s early in the morning and I watched this episode again. Why don’t my tears stop falling? You can feel every scene, only a few few words are said but you can feel them,” Haweca Aizel said.

“I prayed so hard last night that nothing would happen to Aubrey, and that Cardo would save her. My night was complete again,” Irene Polistico Sulabo also commented.

For three years, viewers have welcomed Cardo into their homes as the well-loved character delivered action-packed battles and memorable lessons.

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