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Arjo, Yves, Sue sacrifice their lives for Sylvia, Teresa in "Hanggang Saan"

April 17, 2018 AT 05:34 PM

Arjo, Yves, Sue sacrifice their lives for Sylvia, Teresa in "Hanggang Saan"

The lead cast of "Hanggang Saan" during the series' finale presscon where they gave a sneak peek on the Kapamilya show's much anticipated finale.

To what lengths will a child’s love for his mother go in order to get the justice they are fighting for?

Paco (Arjo Atayde), Domeng (Yves Flores), and Anna’s (Sue Ramirez) love for their mothers Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez) and Jean (Teresa Loyzaga) will be put to the ultimate test after they have become their enemy’s target in the last two weeks of “Hanggang Saan.”

Being in jail will not stop Jacob (Ariel Rivera) from wreaking havoc as he orders his men to set Sonya’s house on fire and bomb the building where Paco works in an attempt to wipe out everyone who is set to destroy his plans of revenge.

It will also be a rough road towards justice for Jean because Jacob will soon find out that she is still alive and only pretended to be dead in order to expose him and his vicious deeds.

With the danger lying around them, Paco, Domeng, and Anna will do everything in their power to protect their mothers and push them to fight until the end to finally get justice for everything Jacob has done. 

Will Sonya, Paco, Domeng, Jean, and Anna finally destroy Jacob?

Since started airing on television, “Hanggang Saan” has received numerous praises from viewers for its captivating and gripping story. The ensemble cast of the series also consistently impress audiences nationwide, ruling its timeslot every afternoon.

A consistent trending topic, “Hanggang Saan” also captured the hearts of netizens, who are all praises for the series as it garner thousands of tweets and positive comments on social media.

“’Hanggang Saan’ is a serye like no other. I haven’t seen any Pinoy drama that makes viewers really think. It is also not predictable, and most especially logical. This is an upgrade to what ABS-CBN offers to its audiences,” said Twitter user powra_.

“There is no perfect family nor perfect parents but there is unconditional love. A love of a mother can do everything for our safety and our own sake,” @chrisardimer tweeted.

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