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Julia discovers Shaina is her long-lost sister in "Asintado"

July 04, 2018 AT 01:57 PM

A shocking revelation will shatter Ana’s (Julia Montes) world as she finally finds out that her nemesis Samantha (Shaina Magadayao) is her long-lost sister Katrina in “Asintado” this Friday (July 6).

In an attempt to stop Ana and Samantha from further damaging each other’s lives, Hillary (Agot Isidro) will decide to reveal the truth that they are sisters. However, Ana’s anger towards Samantha will make it hard for her to accept the news, especially after her sister betrayed her during their mission to take down Salvador (Nonie Buencamino).

But Ana’s love for her sister will instantly be tested as Salvador kidnaps Samantha and puts her life at risk after he finds out about her plans of revenge against him.

Meanwhile, the chaos and danger around them will force Ana and Gael (Paulo Avelino) to finally confess their love for each other to make sure they will not lose each other again.

Will Ana ever forgive her sister Samantha?

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