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Maymay's breavery gets tested in "Wansapanataym" finale

September 21, 2018 AT 01:43 PM

Espie (MayWard) struggles to protect her loved ones and summons the courage to face her enemies as she faces her biggest battle yet in the final week of “Wansapanataym Presents: Ikaw ang GHOSTo Ko.”

Her relationship with Vincent (Edward Barber) will once again face uncertainty when the angel of death arrives to take his soul into the afterlife – an event that will potentially end Vincent’s life.

While Espie races against time to save Vincent, her enemy Charlie (Luis Hontiveros) resurfaces to seek revenge against her and tries to kill her. Their confrontation, however, will lead to a tragedy as the fugitive mistakenly stabs Espie’s mother, putting her life in danger.

How will Espie survive all the challenges she will face? Will she and Vincent fulfill their promises to each other?

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