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"100 Days My Prince" set to capture hearts of Kapamilyas

October 05, 2019 AT 10:43 AM

From one heart-tugger to the next, ABS-CBN, the First and True Home of Asianovelas brings to the Philippines, the popular hit “100 Days My Prince” starting this Monday (October 7) replacing “Gangnam Beauty.”
The period romance drama stars Nam Ji-Hyun and EXO KPOP superstar Do Kyung-Soo (D.O), who will play star-crossed lovers Yoon Yi-Seo and crown prince Lee Yool.
Conflict arises when Lee Yool’s father had his brother, the reigning King assassinated, prompting Yoon Yi-Seo to flee and take up the name Hong-Sim to hide from the coup perpetrators. Meanwhile, years pass and Lee Yool still has not forgotten Yi-Seo, whom he longs for. Tragedy strikes when he was ambushed and loses all his memories, which leads him back to Yi-Seo who now goes by Hong-Sim.
This is where the return of their romance begins, as Lee Yool, who is now known as Na Won-Deuk becomes the husband of Hong-Sim. Will he regain his memories? Will Yi-Seo forego her disguise and speak of the coup incident? What will become of their love for each other?
Catch “100 Days My Prince” when it premieres this Monday (October 4), replacing “Gangnam Beauty” right before “Sandugo.”
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